THE ID is an incredible 1967 Los Angeles studio musician project. The members of the group were all playing with other groups, but, came together for rehearse, develop and build the album. In July and August of 1966 they recorded the "Inner Sounds of the ID" album, released in January of 1967, just when the new age of rock and roll had begun. The band ID was featured in a full-page advertisement in Billboard Magazine. The single of The Inner Sounds of the Id, "Short Circuit," along with the title cut, "The Id," and "Boil the Kettle Mother," became popular on the undergound radio stations in L.A. - Billboard gave the song "Short Circuit" a Bullet and very favorable reviews.
The executive producer of the group wanted to debut the band in Chicago. The musicians felt they should open in San Francisco, which was more open for "modern", experimental sound. But, The ID went to Chicago and played there for three weeks. Things did not work out and the band returned to Los Angeles. The musicians went their separate ways. "The Inner Sounds of the Id" features rock and roll with various sounds, oriental influences, played in various time signatures like 17/8, 20/8, and 7/4 time, as well as straight-ahead blues/rock in 4/4 time.
The title track, longer than 10 minutes is build as a collage, meditative lyrics transmit the vibrations from the deep inside through a mystic, floating sound and cosmic sitar - rock and roll from inner space.
The Inner Sounds of the ID, is always an intense and creative album on highest level of musicianship and proficiency. Here you hear the rocknroll roots drifting into psychedelic and progressive music - not comparable to others, it was ahead of its time and maybe it inspired the Beatles for their "Sgt. Pepper" album or Rolling Stones for "Their Satanic Majesties Request". For a brief look at the musicians in The Id: Bandleader, Jerry Cole started with, "The Champs", who had the hit "Tequila" in the early 60s and later worked together with Paul Revere and the Raiders, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Chicago, The Byrds, Greg Allman and others. Drummer Don Dexter recorded and played with numerous name artists such as Glenn Yarbrough, Ricky Nelson, and Del Shannon, and performed on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Ed Sullivan Show and various other TV shows. Both Cole and Dexter are members of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Other members of the group are Rich Cliburn who became the lead guitar player in the hit band, Smith who had the hit, "Baby it's You." Glenn Cass played bass and went into country music and eventually had a TV Show. Norm Cass, Glenn's younger brother, played lead guitar and did arranging for more than 15 years with country music star Gene Watson.
The second LP contains an extended and informative insert plus 10 bonus tracks.

Titel: Inner Sound Of The ID
Label: World In Sound
Stil: Psychedelic
Best-Nr.: WIS-002
Typ: Doppel-LP
Preis: 54.- EUR

ID - Inner Sound Of The ID

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The Rake
Wild Times
Don't Think Twice
Stone and Steel
Baby Eyes
Boil the Kettle, Mother

Butterfly Kiss
Short Circut
Just Who
The Inner Sound of the Id (10:29)

Wild Times
Don't Think Twice
Our Man Hendrix
Tune ouf of that Place

Give me some Lovin'
Boil the Kettle (instr.)
What Else
Uh Uh Uh
I Can't Stand It Baby

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