"I signed a recording contract with Speed Records in 1967 and was asked by producer Morty Craft to create my own album in my own style, so I decided to write and arrange one of the compositions ala James Brown, one of my favorite artists from that era. But the problem was the musical arrangement. I had never learned how to write musical arrangement, so I read books, asked a lot of questions and pretty much learned how to write and transpose music for studio musicians in a couple of weeks. I also decided to sing the song on the recording as well; though I would never dream of having the audacity to compare myself to Mr. Brown in any way. When it came to the arrangement, I wrote the score and showed it to my friend, the multi-talented Louie Ramirez. He made a few corrections and we were ready to record 'Movin' Much Too Fast'. I called some good musicians for the session including the famous drummer, Bernard Purdie, and of course, Louie Ramirez. When we finished recording and after I had re-mixed the tracks with studio engineer, Jon Fausty, we were all elated with the final outcome. I don't know exactly how I pulled it off but after listening to the final product, I was pretty satisfied. 'Mr. Skyjacker' was recorded during the time that planes were being diverted to Cuba from the US. I composed, produced and sang the song. PS 54 Schoolyard is a name I came up with. Marrero plays on."
(Bobby Marin, October 2013)
Reissue of a late '60s Soul/Funk/Latin gem.

Titel: Movin' Much Too Fast
Stil: Funk
Best-Nr.: ROCAFORT-ROC-002
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 15.- EUR

BOBBY MARIN - Movin' Much Too Fast

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Movin' Much Too Fast
Mr. Skyjacker

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