Be aware, this record is an obscure collectable item only!
Im Mai 1978 the band Wilhelm And Dhe Hot Pimps from the city of Chur from the state of grison did release in an edition of 300 copies a single with the two songs; Wilhelm Punk / Punk Isch A Schau.
The unusal fact is, that this was after Nasal Boys's Hot Love single the second record with a punkfeeling that was ever released in switzerland. The sound is rahter puprock, the lyrics are in the dialect of grison and funny. The band did use the word "PUNK", because they did belive it was the new thing, without knowing what it meant to be. Produced by the famous musician Fritz Trippel. Five years later the song Wilhelm Punk did also apear on this compilation Hand Made Vol.3 Musiczene Chur.
Their single is more or less impossilble to find, this terrible compilation apperars from time to time...Printed inner sleeve with sponsor ads and logos. Clean copie without the the SA 92 sticker, that you see on the image!

Titel: Musik-Scene Chur * Handmade * Vol. 3
Stil: Swisspunk
Best-Nr.: CA-125-LP
Typ: LP
Preis: 20.- EUR

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Musik-Scene Chur * Handmade * Vol. 3

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Weitere Platten von VARIOUS ARTISTS
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