Bluesman. Sharecropper. Church deacon. Civil Rights activist. Hayes McMullan should be a name on every blues aficionados short-list and thanks to the preservation fieldwork carried out by one of the genre's greatest researchers some 50 years ago - it might soon be. Born in 1902, Hayes McMullan was discovered by the renowned American roots scholar, collector and documentarian Gayle Dean Wardlow. Wardlow, author of the seminal blues anthology 'Chasin' That Devil Music - Searching For The Blues', may be most famous for uncovering Robert Johnson's death certificate in 1968, finally revealing clues to the bluesman's mysterious and much disputed demise. Moreover, in his tireless and committed mission to preserve the blues for future generations, he captured McMullan's raw talent on tape and on paper. Wardlow recorded these sessions, transcribed the songs and now, writes the sleeve-notes for this landmark release.

Titel: Everyday Seem Like Murder Here
Label: Light In The Attic
Stil: Blues
Best-Nr.: LITA152
Typ: Doppel-LP
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HAYES McMULLAN - Everyday Seem Like Murder Here

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This Is Hayes Mcmullan (Story)
Fast Old Train
Look-A Here Woman Blues
Back Water Blues (False Start)
Goin Away Mama Blues
Every Day In The Week
Playing A Juke With Patton (Story)
Hurry Sundown
How'd Your Brother Die? (Story)

Smoke Like Lightning
Goin Where The Chilly Winds
Don't Blow
The High Water (Story)
Spider On The Wall Blues
Spanish Fandango
Charley, He Was Whiskey
Headed (Story)
Hitch Up My Pony

Every Day Seem Like Murder Here
Who Gonna Be Your Baby?
Discussions On A Barrelhouse (Story)
Gonna Get Me A Woman (Aka Sunday Woman)
Kansas City Blues
Patton Was A Racket Man (Story)

Singing To The Children
Bout A Spoonful, Takes 1 and 2 (Story)
No Triflin Kid
Delta Walk
Roll And Tumble
I'm Goin', Don't You Wanna Go?
Patton's Death He

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