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Their first 7" from 1992 on Record Junkie. One side 45 rpm, other side 33 rpm. Limited Edition to 500 copies. ...
Junkie Records 7 inch (Single)
Alboth! / Bishop's Daughter Alboth! / Bishop's Daughter
Insane / Karl May
Split single from 1993 between Alboth! and Bishop's Daughter . A number of the singles were released with switched labe...
Junkie Records 7 inch (Single)
Die Bürger Von Calais Die Bürger Von Calais
Out on Record Junkie in 1990. Noise /Experimental Band from Bern. Record mint-, sleave very good. Printed single-s...
Junkie Records LP
Lougaroo Lougaroo
Another Junkie Records release. This time Lougaroo from Bern a Hardcore/ Punkband. Released this LP in 1990. Record an...
Junkie Records LP
Various Artists Various Artists
SOS Be-sheuert 91
Early (1991) Record Junkie release from Bern. For all Monsters fan a must, because this songs you can't find somewh...
Junkie Records LP

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