This release from members of Messer Chups and The Guitaraculas is a journey into a wonderful world of rockin' exotica. Rockabilly rhythms mixed with Hawaiian influences take you on trip to far flung musical places and some classic Messer Chups' style surf leaves you in no doubt where this comes from, the palm tree lined, white sand beaches of Waikiki meet a chilly St. Petersburg indeed!
Messer Chups main man Oleg showcases his steel guitar skills with some mesmerizing tunes and really does conjure up images of relaxed times among the islands.
Pop this onto the turntable, grab yourself a Mai Tai and enjoy the trip.

Titel: Swamp Vacation - All Inclusive
Label: Trash Wax
Stil: Tiki
Best-Nr.: TWLP024
Typ: LP
Preis: 34.- EUR

ALOHA SWAMP - Swamp Vacation - All Inclusive

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Aloha Swamp
Midnight, The Stars And You
Wait Locomotive
Lovely Hula Hands
Mini Skirt
Hawaii Roll

Hula Tikula
Titi Caca Titi
Love Birds
Werewolf Or Fourth Dimension
Dick Tracy
Tales From The Crypt

Trash Wax
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