Ikarus released their eponymous album in 1971 on legendary ,exploiting-label " + plus +" with label colleagues Wind ,,Seasons" and ,Tomorrows Gift. This short- lived label was established by Jochen Petersen as the progressive division of Miller Records. Jochen Petersen fronted the Hamburg Teutonic progressive rock fusion band Ikarus(so Alan Freeman in ,,Crack In The Cosmic Egg"). Ikarus played a very varied sound with complex arrangements and melancholic melodies inspired by early King Crimson (so Dag Erik Asbjornsen) and Van der Graaf Generator (Alan Freeman) or reminding to German colleages Thirsty Moon and Os Mundi. The original album contains only 4 tracks (from 6 to 15 minutes) but plays over 40 minutes a rather uniquely spacious and dynamic sound, full of surprises. Their lyrics scrutinized the behaviour of mankind with a particular focus on our darker minds. A Krautrock Classic!
Reissue released under courtesy by IKARUS for Malesh Records / Long Hair 2015. Comes in single sleeve with full colour 4-page 12x12" insert.

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Label: Long Hair
Stil: Kraut Beaters
Best-Nr.: LHC157
Typ: LP
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A1 Eclipse Divided In Scyscrapers And Sooner Or Later 15:09
A2 Mesentery 6:34
B1 The Raven Including "Theme For James Marshall" 11:44
B2 Early Bell's Voice 7:46

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