THE BEST MEXICAN GARAGE COMBO - Hey! Ho! Let's go to Mexico!
Los Explosivos are belting out rip-roaring authentic garage, in Spanish!
These four muchachos from Mexico City are sick with the rock'n'roll disease!
They papa-oom-mau-mau like trashmen!
They scream "Louie Louie" like swamp rats!
This record will turn flavor-starved gringos into swamp rat burrito eating lunatics!
I'll take two with a side of refried beans!
These gatos have huevos grandes and are ready to raise a hell of a ruckus, indy shitgaze dorks beware!
Viva la revolucion!!
Cover Art by Dr. Alderete!
Their second LP, store copie!

Titel: Sonidos Rocanrol!!!
Label: Get Hip
Stil: New Action Sounds
Best-Nr.: GH-1153
Typ: LP
Preis: 10.- EUR

EXPLOSIVOS LOS - Sonidos Rocanrol!!!

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Lo Que Me Exita...!!! 2:31
No Puedes Salir 3:20
Ya Me Cansé De Ganar!!! 1:53
Bailando!!! 2:28
You've Got Another Think Comin' 2:21
Voy Corriendo 2:23
Creo Que Esto 2:32
Moscas Y Arañas 2:52
No Se Lo Que Soy 3:44
Amapola 2:29

Get Hip
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