Originally released in 1971, this album is an intense and bombastic hybrid between heavy fuzz acid guitar, instinctive free rock improvisations and some lyrical, classical influenced interludes/fragmentes. Mammut played in an impressive and comvincing manner their conception of an psychedelic rock opera. For that each title includes the name Mammut. The opening track 'Bird Mammut' is a groovy, percussive, crazy psychedelic affair featuring an avalanche of drums, trippy organs, bluesy e-guitar and wistfull flute passages. 'Classical Mammut' delivers a short piano interlude, a pleasant melodic moment. 'Mammut ecstacy' is a fuzzy heavy psychedelic composition with furious rhythms, an efficient bass guitar leading theme and some nice keyboard moves. 'Foot Machine Mammut' alternates a bluesy popsong with free guitar jams accompanied by Hammond organ. Perhaps parts of the first Embryo album are comparable to this. 'Nähgarn Mammut' is their attempt to be more lyrical and melodic, while the album closes with 14 minutes of 'Mammut opera', which show Mammut at their best. Dark sounds with hints of Amon Düül II, heavy blues rock with all sorts of strange, ethnic and gothic touches combined in their music. Altough the band themselves quoted Deep Purple in Rock as a major influence, their spirit was purely krautrock.
This record comes with 1 Bonus Track, comprehensive booklet, digitally remastered in colored vinyl!

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Titel: Mammut
Label: Long Hair
Stil: Kraut Beaters
Best-Nr.: LHC-077
Typ: LP
Preis: 24.- EUR

MAMMUT - Mammut

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A1 Bird Mammut 4:03
A2 Classical Mammut 1:20
A3 Mammut Ecstasy 4:29
A4 Footmachine Mammut 3:09
A5 Short Mammut 1:45
A6 Shizoyd Mammut 3:22
A7 Dä Du Dä 5:03
B1 Nähgarn Mammut 7:00
B2 Mammut Opera 13:40

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