This is an official reissue of English/ German band MESSAGE`s 1st album on famous German label BACILLUS in 1972. For Bacillus, Message first of all recorded the 7" Smile/Painted Lady (both as bonustracks on this reissue!) in Dieter Dierks studio in Cologne that was gradually gaining attention and importance. Producer Peter Hauke had taken over the booking with his PoPo management GmbH and the band became increasingly professional and was able to make a living with their music. With the powerful voice of Tom McGuigan on the front, Message played some kind of Psychedelic/Hard/Kraut-Rock mix with plenty of breaks between aggressive parts and smooth passages, with long tracks balanced between vocal performance and fiery instrumental playing. With only a touch of additional instruments, the band was heavily based on the classic guitar/bass/drums combination with heavy guitar playing and sometimes groovy sax parts delivered by McGuigan. Message incorporated elements found in the music of DEEP PURPLE, WIND, early ELOY (particularly in the guitar solos) and NEKTAR as well as hints of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR. A good and energetic album, The Dawn Anew Is Coming will be probably a long-time favorite for fans of Hard/Kraut-Rock with psychedelic touches. Opener `Changes' is a punchy rocker almost in the manner of early Eloy, a chugging guitar urgency to the piece with two electric guitars playing separately on either side of the speakers. The atmospheric title-track moves back and forth through a wide range of emotions and moods. Slowly unfolding, thoughtful if slightly downbeat verses of low-key murmuring bass ruminations and a gloomy vocal shift in and out. Frantic up-tempo rapidly strummed acoustic/electric guitar passages chime with a manic urgency. Twisting and turning electric guitars snarl together with furious honking saxophone throughout `Evil Faith and Charity' is a malevolent heavy rocker almost in the manner of Van der Graaf Generator. A spitting vocal howl, attacking drumming, wet cardboard box bass and dirty guitar grooves spiral ever downwards, lots of addictive bluster and noise to this one!The melancholic `Heaven Knows' that opens the second side is the longest track at almost ten minutes. It's a mix of spacey moments interspersed with energetic and racing passages with building cymbal rises, eerie guitar chimes and somber Mellotron veils compete with a pounding drumbeat and snaking electric guitar runs. `When I'm Home' is a confident and up-tempo eclectic pop/rocker full of bluesy guitar wailing and fluid bass slithering through the darkness.
This Album comes with comprehensive story, rare photos on a 4 sided cover sized insert sheet.
Newly remastered.
Their first album.
A German Underground classic.

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Titel: The Dawn Anew Is Comin
Label: Long Hair
Stil: Kraut Beaters
Best-Nr.: LHC-291
Typ: LP

MESSAGE - The Dawn Anew Is Comin

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A1 Changes 3:55
A2 The Dawn Anew Is Coming 8:35
A3 Evil Faith And Charity 3:55
B1 Heaven Knows 9:42
B2 When I'm Home 7:40

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